Performer Application

In the past, some of the most iconic synthwave artists in the 80s electronic music revival scene from all over the world took to the NEON stage to create one of the most legendary line-ups in the history of the genre.  We're looking to outdo ourselves this year, and maybe you can be a part of that.    

If you are a  Synthwave or Vaporwave producer, small or large, unknown or renowned, and passionate about bringing your killer Retro Synthwave or Retro Synthwave-subgenre sound to our main stage in 2023, please get in touch with us by completely filling out the form below.  We are not at this time looking for electronic music artists outside of this style, or DJs. 

All performers receive a high traffic space for selling merch or records, and keep 100% of their proceeds.

Important: After submitting an application, be patient.  In 2020 alone, we received over 250 applications, and our lineup has VERY limited space.  

We look at everything, but many factors determine selection, including: sound style, location, travel needs, and price.  Thanks for understanding!

Performer Application


NEON Florida LLC | P.O. Box 853 | Clearwater, FL 33757