The Aesthetic Lounge

Aesthetic is a term imbued with meaning, yet difficult to quantify or define. Can a dolphin describe water? 

You might take it for granted if you’re not looking for it. It might be all around you, but you may never really register its existence—as was the case for many of us alive during the 80s and early 90s. It was simply the way things were.

Nowadays, we recognize aesthetic mainly thanks to its profound absence in our modern world, but seekers still encounter vestigial remnants; although rare, they can find us in the least-expected places. Most importantly, we know aesthetic when we see it, but we won’t try to dissect it. It’s something that must be experienced.

At NEON Retrofest, we seek to build a temple of aesthetic at the center of NEON for those who wish to be transported into a space that transcends centuries, time, mythology, and meaning. A place where you can come to remember, and to forget. A place we call: 

the aesthetic lounge

Experience “ancient” computing machines and other salvaged examples of lost technology in a setting in which they might not seem to belong. Sail away on virtual seas of crystal-clear irony and relax in a place that has never existed—yet is all too familiar.

In 2018, we brought you the now-legendary Yacht Rock Lounge. The Aesthetic Lounge is its inevitably weirder next incarnation.

Welcome to Paradise?

anemoia - n. 

nostalgia for a time you’ve never known

"A space that transcends centuries, time, mythology, and meaning: a place where you can come to remember and to forget."


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