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NEON Artist Spotlight - Neutron Dreams

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Yes, Retro Synth Record’s very own Neutron Dreams is part of the NEON Retrofest lineup! Forming the electronic music collective Neutron Dreams with his best friend Christopher J Payne, @danman3712 has covered the spectrum of the synthwave music scene for years. He will also be featured as a guest speaker/panelist at NEON!

Born in '79 and a true child of the 80s, Dan grew up on everything from G.I. Joe and Transformers to Voltron and Nintendo. Believing that #80s music would return, he was delighted to see a glimpse of it in Vice City. When Tron Legacy hit, his nostalgic joy was set in stone.

As the President of RetroSynth Records, Dan uses his networking experience to build connections and relationships with other labels and influencers to not only elevate RetroSynth's artists but the retro music genre overall. Listen to more at

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