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NEON Guest Spotlight - Dan Eachus

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Dan Eachus, family guy and working Dad, married to his wife Mandy and their 5 children Danny, AJ, Gabriel, Joshua and Gracie.  Born in 1979 a true child of the 80’s, he grew up on everything from G.I. Joe’s and Transformers to Voltron and Wheeled Warriors and Nintendo to Commodore 64.  In school, he was part of band and choir, and learned a variety of instruments and has a passion for music.  The 80’s and the nostalgia of the music, movies, art, and video games are at the heart and soul of Dan.  Always believing that 80’s music and styling would come back, he was delighted to see a glimpse of it in the video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.  From there, more and more nostalgia came into mainstream, and when Tron Legacy was released, his nostalgic joy was set in stone.

Being in the technology and business fields with his own website development company, Dan realized the power of YouTube and started his own channel Danman Tunes, a channel dedicated to electronic and video game music to promote his business and some music he made.  One day he searched out the Tron Legacy soundtrack, and the YouTube algorithm took him down the Synthwave Rabbit Hole, and he has never left.  Forming the electronic music collective Neutron Dreams with his best friend Christopher J Payne, Dan looked for a label he could call home.  That’s when he found Scott Forte and joined RetroSynth Records.  Since joining, Dan has used his business experience and education to grow RetroSynth Records, founded in May 2016 by Scott Forte, into what it is today, eventually becoming the President of the company.  Dan uses his networking experience and work together attitude to build connections and relationships with other labels and music influencers to not only lift everyone up on RetroSynth, but the overall Synthwave and RetroSynth music scene.

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