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NEON Vendor Spotlight: Graven Ravenwolf

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Graven RavenWolf is in the vendor spotlight! A creative native who has dedicated his life to his passion for #comics, #art, #nostalgia, and culture. He has been reviewed at times as an overly humble and energetic visionary, always working on, promoting, and developing new artistic endeavors.

Graven is not only an accomplished #artist himself but is also a passionate supporter of his muse, artist MONICA RAVENWOLF (ART OF RAVENWOLF™). You can often find them together at conventions and shows, promoting Monica's work and sharing their love of the arts with others.

In addition to his work with Art of RavenWolf™, Graven is also the founder of Digital Warpaint™, a branding design company. He is the creator and publisher of his own comic and intellectual property through NATIVE ENGINE™, and he consults with content creation companies across a wide range of interests.

With a focus on GRAPHIC DESIGN, ILLUSTRATION, CONCEPT ART, and BRAND CONSULTING, Graven is constantly pushing the limits of his imagination to bring his visions to life. He believes that in a world where role models are scarce, we can all be heroes by fighting for the creative.
So whether he's creating a new comic book series, designing a brand identity, or mentoring the next generation of creatives, Graven RavenWolf is always working to make the world a more imaginative and inspiring place.
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