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We're proud to have our friends at Unlimited Video Games Superstore and Arcade part of NEON Retrofest 2023! Billed as The Largest #retro #videogames store in the USA, they will be vending retro gems and also hanging out in our incredible #console Paradise that has to be seen to be believed! Check them out at http://unlimitedvideogames.com

They carry everything from old-school Atari to Modern PlayStation 5 with a stunning selection of both hard-to-find gems and your favorite classics. Their on-site #arcade and weekly events also are unlike anything else in #florida! Don't miss them at NEON RetroFest soon!
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Friday, 31 March 2023 14:15

NEON Vendor Spotlight: Monica Ravenwolf

The #neonretrofest2023 vendor spotlight is on Monica RavenWolf She is a talented #artist who has a passion for pop culture and #fantasy art. She has spent countless hours refining her skills to create unique and captivating pieces that showcase her artistic style!
Her work is diverse, and she enjoys working on all types of canvas, from digital to traditional. Monica's art has been featured in a range of media, from licensed merch to comic book covers and television segments.

Her most recent work can be seen in the 2018 MARVEL MASTERPIECES | UPPER DECK Series licensed sketch cards, and she created a variant cover for issue #6 of HARDLY HEROES from the up-and-coming indie comic company SHATTERMARE COMICS.

One of her most popular projects is her bat-kitten art series entitled ITTY BITTY BITTENS™. These "Monstrously cute.... Strangely unique" creatures have gained a loyal following, and Monica continues to create new and exciting designs that captivate her audience.
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Friday, 31 March 2023 12:44

NEON Vendor Spotlight: Graven Ravenwolf

Graven RavenWolf is in the vendor spotlight! A creative native who has dedicated his life to his passion for #comics, #art, #nostalgia, and culture. He has been reviewed at times as an overly humble and energetic visionary, always working on, promoting, and developing new artistic endeavors.

Graven is not only an accomplished #artist himself but is also a passionate supporter of his muse, artist MONICA RAVENWOLF (ART OF RAVENWOLF™). You can often find them together at conventions and shows, promoting Monica's work and sharing their love of the arts with others.

In addition to his work with Art of RavenWolf™, Graven is also the founder of Digital Warpaint™, a branding design company. He is the creator and publisher of his own comic and intellectual property through NATIVE ENGINE™, and he consults with content creation companies across a wide range of interests.

With a focus on GRAPHIC DESIGN, ILLUSTRATION, CONCEPT ART, and BRAND CONSULTING, Graven is constantly pushing the limits of his imagination to bring his visions to life. He believes that in a world where role models are scarce, we can all be heroes by fighting for the creative.
So whether he's creating a new comic book series, designing a brand identity, or mentoring the next generation of creatives, Graven RavenWolf is always working to make the world a more imaginative and inspiring place.
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Wednesday, 22 March 2023 13:12

NEON Vendor Spotlight - Dyvex

A sleepy dude with too many hobbies, and lover of nerdy things. I'm a Vtuber and cosplayer who likes to make all sorts of goodies like handmade dice, charms, stickers, cups, and more!

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Wednesday, 22 March 2023 13:10

NEON Vendor Spotlight - Nintenjoe

Are you ready for this? Tonight the vendor spotlight is on NINTENJOE who will be selling a massive stock of over 1000 games at #neonretrofest2023, including some very rare titles! Check out these photos to get a taste of what to expect!

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Wednesday, 22 March 2023 12:59

NEON Vendor Spotlight - ByChrystal

ByChrystal sells acrylic paintings on canvas, framed prints of #artwork, stickers and handmade #jewelry and keychains of popular #anime! Check out more at https://instagram.com/bychrystal_/

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Sunday, 05 March 2023 22:57

NEON Vendor Spotlight - Bucket Hat Forever

The vendor spotlight is on Bucket Hat Forever! Dedicated to crafting bucket hats in a variety of styles and sizes, whether your style is fun, functional, nostalgic or futuristic, they are sure to have something for you!

Their stickers rock too. Check 'em out at http://buckethatforever.com

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Monday, 20 February 2023 10:35

NEON Vendor Spotlight - Pop Twilight

We're happy to have Pop Twilight as a NEON vendor! Pop Twilight is a cute and quirky brand inspired by #80s, #90s, and Japanese street style fashions. They carry many different jewelry and accessories and have something for anyone who wants to be colorful and fun!

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Tuesday, 14 February 2023 17:27

NEON Vendor Spotlight - Lillypad Creations

Lillypad Creations is a family-owned business specializing in #resin work and 3Dprinted figurines. Their work captures all of your favorite pop culture icons from the 80s and more!

Lillypad Creations offers unique chess boards, dominos, tumblers, and 3D toys focusing on RETROGAMING, movies, and cartoons such as Pac-Man, Gremlins, and Thunder Cats. They've even designed some rad NEON tumblers! Make sure to stop by the Lillypad Creations booth this April!

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Tuesday, 14 February 2023 17:17

NEON Vendor Spotlight - The Mimikyute Guy

The Mimikyute Guy is a digital artist and painter with an affinity for retrogames, pokemon, and anime. He has his own light hearted art style that combines popculture icons and low budget cosplay to create adorable recognizable characters.
He has also painted a number of local murals, including some at @unlimitedvideogames in pinellas!
See more of his work at: https://linktr.ee/themimikyuteguy
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